You only got 10 seconds to reach the blue portal before you reset. 8 levels total!
Wait you wanted more? HAHAHAHAHA ... I'll think about it. Til then here are some instructions. 

If you'd like to move the character I've named Steve then choose wisely. 
WASD, or Arrow Keys, or Gamepad D-Pad(if you like to make your thumbs sore) 

If you like it! You  can download the desktop version! Also I'd appreciate donations if you can spare some change :)

You can also donate your hugs via digital response in the comments below! 

Either way thanks for the support



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10 seconds setup.exe 42 MB


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Always the 6th level! Can't pass it. Good stuff. 

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It will be intresting to follow you game development journey. Your artwork is great and I'll love to see your game design grow.

However if I can critize this game it would be that you are punishing the player for what feels good to do. Moving forward is a joy, for the fraction of a second until you hit a wall. Making much more viable to play it more slowly but with time pressure. What if you rewarded going fast instead? Intresting thing to think about as you continue to make games.

I look forward to what you make in the future!

Wow Great advice!

Yea I'm a fan of punishing games, I'm aware it's niche, but I don't mind.

But with that being said, I do agree that some of the levels are focused on making you stop and move slowly which is just lazy level design to add conflict to the game. 

I put this game down for now but will consider your advice in the future! CHEERS!